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Best Earphones Under 500 That You Definitely Consider

Wired Apple Earpods for 3000? No, thank you………my paisa-vasool earphones will do just fine !!

Best Earphones Budget Under 500 India
Best Earphones Budget Under 500 India

One can very confidently say that the average Indian online-earphone-shopper is motivated by one factor and one factor only – Value-for-Money. After all, it is encoded into our DNA but achieving it is easier said than done, since far too many earphones under 500 are nothing more than off-brand knockoffs that only leave your ears feeling like they have been punished and they will break sooner than later and end up in your dustbin. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our detailed recommendations for best earphones under 500 in India. So let’s get started –

We are all about answering one question: you want

  • a decent, functional earphone that meets your daily needs and
  • without blowing too much money, don’t you?

Well guess what, you can now have exactly that at a low, low price! 500 INR !! Our best earphones under 500 picks of the bunch are guaranteed to be at the top of the quality charts and are most definitely worth recommending. So let’s dive in, shall we?


Not everyone can afford or wants to pay 2000 or 5000 for a pair of earphones… or may be you want an extra set of earphones for your daily travel or as backup earphones….. or you are just looking for budget earphones and happy with decent sound quality….  This is NOT for audiophiles and for folks looking for premium build, features like noise cancellation etc.


1. BOAT BASS HEAD 1009.5Best Pick
3. JBL C50HI EARPHONES8.5Also Great
4. HONOR AM115 EARPHONES8.5Worth Considering
5. PHILIPS SHE1515NBK/948Worth Considering
6. BOAT BASS HEAD 1628Worth Considering

NOTE: We have curated the above list to keep it short and make your choices easier. The prices considered are as of the time of writing and are subject to change by the e-commerce sites. Keep an eye out for sale from both Amazon and Flipkart to get even better deals.

1. Boat BassHeads 100

* Best Pick *




Call Quality

Brand Reliability

BetterShopping Ratings
* Best Pick *

These earphones almost immediately draw your attention with a very unique, winged design, and the casing has a premium finish and looks very pleasing to the eye. Another win in the book is the variety of sizes that the soft, silicone earbuds are available in, helping in fitting into your ear perfectly. The premium nature hits a small snag with the lack of gold plating on the headphone jack, but is still very resistant to corrosion. The section of cable at the base of the bud is a little sub-standard though, and will require some modicum of care.

Coming to audio spectrum quality – the booming bass is of course a boAt hallmark, but the trebles and higher notes are also handled surprisingly well. At a lower volume, this versatility is especially noticeable. Also on display is the audio quality during calls as well. On a VoLTE connection, the earphones make full use of the HD feature, delivering some crisp sound. This is supplemented by a very useful call button that also works well, while playing/pausing music, and a HD mic that is actually good enough to record vocals. Add in the four eye-catching colours it’s available in plus the robust, pan-India customer service network and the BassHeads sounds like a pretty comprehensive package to us making it our top recommendation in best earphones under 500 budget category.

What we Like
  • Well rounded audio quality outperforms expectations
  • Casing is very sturdy and the buds are highly customizable
  • Best-in-class customer service + Hassle-free return policy
What we don't Like
  • Sections of the cable are vulnerable and may deteriorate under consistently rough use, lacks an L-Jack


best earphones under 500 Mi
Runner Up




Call Quality

Brand Reliability

BetterShopping Ratings
Runner Up

Mi being a no-frills company plays very well into its earphone business – its ability to fit in the most features at the lowest possible price comes to the fore. The Mi Basic is representative of this, choosing to put substance well above style.

While possessing a rounded, slightly generic design, the Mi certainly has a solid build that screams sturdiness, in its casing at the least. It has a metallic finish and three colours to choose from – red, blue and black. The cables feel a little thin, but are definitely sturdier than they look. Even so, the junction where the mic is present is a fault point. The L-Jack, however, is a refreshing sight – it definitely helps in minimizing wear and tear when the Basic is stored in tight spaces.

While the Mi Basic also performs well for overall audio, it is not as strong when it comes to bass output – a little disappointing as it is advertised to do exactly that. It requires quite a bit of equalizer tuning to utilize its full potential. We don’t encounter such problems with the mic however – it records clear HD audio pretty effortlessly. The call button is highly versatile and can be used to skip tracks as well. All in all, a more-than-worthy contender to the BassHeads 100 and another great pick under our best budget earphones under 500 with mic category.

What we Like
  • The call button is large and an absolute joy to use
  • The familiar, rounded design fits in your ear really well
  • Can't go wrong with the L-Jack
What we don't Like
  • Bass is a letdown; Customer service does fail to meet expectations rarely


Also Great




Call Quality

Brand Reliability

BetterShopping Ratings
Also Great

The third pick in our list of budget earphones is one from yet another illustrious brand – the JBL C50HI. The product has the signature simplistic look to it that borders on generic and is available in three colours – black, blue and red. The overall finish is pretty good, but the casing looks cheap and not as sturdy as the other two picks. Despite the size options available, the silicone buds themselves are denser and a little less comfortable in the ear. The L-Jack is a plus however, and again improves the durability factor drastically.

When it comes to the audio aspect of it, the C50HI actually performs marginally better in terms of treble and mid ranges – but is found lacking in the bass aspect. Again, while it is not a glaring miss, it’ll require some tuning from your end. The mic, as with the others, receives no complaints – it records standard HD audio and even does a decent job at slightly reducing background noise. Overall, it ticks nearly every box and is a good, good competitor to the best at this price range making it a solid competitor as best earphones under 500 for pubg and gaming. Watch out for the customer service though – depending on the area you live in, it could be a little difficult to get a replacement in case things get awry.

What we Like
  • Treble and mid performance is excellent at this cost
  • The L-Jack is an automatic win
What we don't Like
  • Another bass-ic disappointment; Cables are a little fragile


To separate the better from the best, we spent hours researching and reviewing all available budget wired earphones with 4 star and above with significant number of reviews among the best sellers.  We compared their features and read hundreds of reviews on amazon, flipkart, from other reputed publications and from the verified buyers themselves to narrow our list down to the best earphones under 500 in India among the top ones worthy of your consideration.


Comfort – How does the earphone feel? Can you wear it for marathon music sessions while at work or during travel ? Does it feel too heavy? Are the materials it’s made of irritating or itchy? Does the earphone fit it properly without need to keep adjusting it ? Is it adjustable to accommodate both large and smaller-shaped heads?

Sound Quality – Is sound rich and detailed to help you enjoy the music? Is the sound quality clear while taking a call ? Are certain section of music overpowering others or is there a good balance ? Are both sides of the earphones balanced when it comes to sound ?

Call Quality – Is your voice clear and easily heard by other people while on a call ? Does the microphone have any passive background noise cancellation ?

Build Quality and Design – How does the earphone look? Does it feel cheap? Does it have a premium look , sturdy build that can withstand drops? Are the earbuds durable? Is the cable long enough ? Is the cable durable enough to withstand wear/ tangle over time?

Connection – What type of connection does the earphone have? Does it come with the proper adapters for connecting it to other devices? Does it come with an L-Jack ( 90 degree jack) to prevent wear/ tear while in pocket ?

Controls – What onboard controls does the earphone have? Are they easily accessible and identifiable? Are there volume controls and microphone mute function?

Brand Reliability and Warranty – Are also crucial to the process. We shy away from very new or unknown brands that have no customer support because if anything goes wrong, you have nobody to contact for assistance.

In addition to the above testing criteria, we also factored in price to find the best value for money rather than just going for the cheapest one.


HONOR AM115 EARPHONES – A good-looking earphone with an ergonomic design, the lack of earbuds definitely hurts its rating on the comfortability scale. Another inevitability with this design is sound reduction, with some significant leakage happening the louder it gets. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good shout for the budget category. As with the other entries, it focuses on delivering rich bass, and delivers pretty well on its promise. Trebles and high hats can sound a little jarring, though – low volumes recommended. A longer than expected cable length and a shiny pearl white design round it out and make it an interesting alternative. Amazon | Flipkart

PHILIPS SHE1515NBK/94 – You know what, this earphone is actually pretty good. With a pretty, monochrome casing and some understated design cues like keeping the call button bright and visible, the Philips seemed to have a shot at the top three. Then, what kept it out? Well, it suffers massively from having to deliver within a cost crunch. This has resulted in the usage of a few low quality materials, like rubber caps instead of softer silicone earbuds. Another gripe is the need for third-party bass-boosters to get the most out of it, despite delivering an alright performance overall. All of these combine to create a “what-if” product at best. Amazon | Flipkart

BOAT BASS HEAD 162 – At first glance, it looks like a more premium version of the BassHeads 100, and backs it up with some pretty cool features. The presence of braided, extremely sturdy cables and a gold-plated, angled jack certainly count as massive improvements. Combine that with a solid control console with a responsive button, and it almost sounds perfect. All the hype comes crashing down, however, when we approach the most basic function of an earphone: sound proliferation. The bass is very overwhelming, even at low volumes, and the noise cancellation is nothing to write home about. For now, it is relegated firmly to being an also-ran. Amazon | Flipkart


Will there be a mic?

Yes. All the earphones listed here have a mic.

Can I access Google Assistant or Siri through this product?

This feature is not available in all products. If you are particular about this you can go for JBL C50HI which offers quick launch access to Google Assistant and Siri.

Can the earphones be connected to any phone or laptop?

If your device has a 3.5mm jack then you can connect any of these earphones to it. Please go through the technical details of the earphones for surety before buying.

Are these earphones sweatproof or waterproof?

No they are not. You can check out our list of Best Wireless Earphones for Running and Workout if you are particular about this.

Will I get extra earbuds with the earphones?

You will get extra earbuds with most of the products we have listed here. But please go through the details before purchasing the product for surety.

We hope we were able to help you make better shopping decisions in your search for budget earphones and we are confident that you will end up selecting one of our top picks as your next wired budget earphone under 500 purchase.  We pay a lot of attention to your voice given that you are the center of our BetterShopping universe and would love to hear from you. Write to us –

Written by Gleeson Dsouza

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