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10 Best TWS Under 5000 You Should Not Skip

Walnut-sized Buds, Now for Peanuts! ….. and wireless should mean Truly Wireless…..

Best Truly Wireless Earphones TWS Budget India
Best Truly Wireless Earphones TWS Budget India

With regard to earphones, it is hard to argue that True Wireless Earbuds are the pinnacle of technology today. Think about it – all the functionality of a basic headset, but without any of the confusing wires? Even wireless earphones tend to have some sort of connector – but the TWS buds do away with them completely! No wonder they’re hot stuff on the market and every decent audio brand worth its name is dropping the next best TWS earphones under 5000 every second day.

But that may lead you, dear consumer, to worry: what if you really wanted to enjoy the convenience of this technology, but all you had for options were 20000 INR Apple Airpods, or a 10000INR Samsung product? Well, we’re here to assure you that earbuds are most definitely available for a fraction of this price – and they are loaded with quality. And you can find them all right here!


True Wireless Earbuds is the basic term given to wireless earphones without any connectors and such. They tend to come in two forms:
  1. With the buds being rounded out and sitting completely within the external ear.
  2. With stalks being attached to the buds to help in easy removal/ fitting.

With both designs, the buds need to fit in nicely – and so we give special focus to whether they are sweat resistant and how easily they tend to fall off. Of course, battery time plays a major role here, but since the carrying cases also provide a bit of juice, we look at playback time in both situations. Lastly, we test out the bluetooth tech – a hands-free experience is a major reason behind buying  your next best true wireless earphones under 5000 budget and we don’t want you skipping out on that.


1. One Plus Buds9.5Best Pick
2. RealMe Buds Air9Runner Up
3. Boat 4418.5Budget Pick
4. Mi TWS Earphones 28Worth Considering
5. Oppo Enco W317.5Worth Considering
6. Boat 2817.5Worth Considering
7. Redmi Earbuds S7Worth Considering
8. Noise Shots X57Worth Considering
9. pTron Bassbuds Lite7Worth Considering
10. Crossbeats7Worth Considering

NOTE: We have curated the above list to keep it short and make your choices easier. The prices considered are as of the time of writing and are subject to change by the e-commerce sites. Keep an eye out for sale from both Amazon and Flipkart to get even better deals.

1. One Plus Buds

Best Truly Wireless TWS Budget Earphones India OnePlus
* Best Pick *





Brand Reliability

BetterShopping Ratings
* Best Pick *

The OnePlus Buds come out on top by virtue of an all-round performance, and deservingly so is our top pick for best tws earbuds under 5000 category. The design is clean and minimalist, with simple stalked earbuds. While they don’t have silicone eartips, they are non-intrusive but still stick to the ear well enough, thus causing less ear irritation. It’s their tech that solidifies their spot, however.

The buds have a fantastic battery life of 6-10hrs on their own, but 30hrs with a fully charged case (it serves as a power bank). And, this playback time is achieved through just 10 minutes of fast-charging. The audio profile is very decent considering the budget – while the highs are a little lacking, there is room for some excellent bass and mids. The call quality, however, could have been much better as it usually comes out very distorted. Bluetooth connection is a breeze, and the signal strength is strong to moderate (at a low charge). Overall, we rate this one very highly as the best true wireless earphones in India.

What we Like
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Above-par audio quality
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
What we don't Like
  • Call quality/mic a little on the lower side

2. RealMe Buds Air

Best Truly Wireless TWS Budget Earphones India Realme
Runner Up





Brand Reliability

BetterShopping Ratings
Runner Up

We move on to another pair of stalked earbuds in the form of the Realme Buds Air. These also, in fact, very closely resemble the “cough cough” famous company’s cough airpods design. These also lack eartips, but manage some decent snugness into the ear without causing pain.

The battery life is a little low at 2-3 hrs, but the charging case gives them an extra 10-14hrs of playback time. Given that a full charge takes 1.5hrs, that’s not a bad deal at all. Where it shines though is how it has managed to optimize itself for mobile devices. For one, it has a low latency mode that drains battery but in turn gives you an extremely seamless experience for, say, gaming. Even the overall bluetooth experience is among the best ones here making it another great best wireless earphones pick. The audio quality is also half decent, even though bass takes up the majority of the spectrum. Call quality is a major improvement with some clear audio, even if the mic is a little grainy. All in all, second spot is locked in.

What we Like
  • Bluetooth tech is sheer excellence
  • Some great bass in a decent audio profile
What we don't Like
  • Battery life on the low side

3. Boat 441 Earbuds

Best Truly Wireless TWS Budget Earphones India Boat
Also Great





Brand Reliability

BetterShopping Ratings
Also Great

The first thing that we notice is that the boAt Airdopes are a sports/workout oriented product, and they do their job very well. The first rounded earbud on the list, they have a completely in-ear design with the soft silicone buds making sure your ears aren’t too uncomfortable. The IPX7 rating is best-in-class and makes the Airdopes highly resistant to water/sweat/dust helping it be a worthy pick for the best tws earphones under 5000 budget category. The touch controls on both buds are a little too responsive, however, and can get triggered by clothes/water.

Standalone battery life is a respectable 5hrs, and even reaches 20-25hrs with a fully charged case in play. As with other boAt products, it is the bass that is off the charts. The mids and trebles are not bad, but are a little muted in comparison. The bluetooth connectivity, in contrast, is really good: latency is lower than most competitors and signal strength is very strong within a range of 1-2.5m. Call quality is a pass, though: the mic quality just isn’t up to scratch. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a proper workout partner.

What we Like
  • Absolutely perfect for exercise scenarios
  • That IPX7 rating is great for water resistance
  • Bluetooth functionality is really good
What we don't Like
  • Call quality, yet again


To separate the better from the best, we spent hours researching and reviewing all available best true wireless earbuds with 4 star and above with significant number of reviews among the best sellers.  We compared their features and read hundreds of reviews on amazon, flipkart, from other reputed publications and from the verified buyers themselves to narrow our list down to the best true wireless earphones under 5000 in India among the top ones worthy of your consideration.
In case you are looking for more wireless options for your listening preferences, check the below ones:


  • Comfort. How does the earphone feel? Can you wear it for marathon music sessions while at work or during travel? Does it feel too heavy? Are the materials it’s made of irritating or itchy? Does the earphone fit properly without the need to keep adjusting it? Can the earphones be adjusted to accommodate both large and smaller-shaped heads?
  • Sound Quality. Is sound rich and detailed to help you enjoy the music? Is the sound quality clear while taking a call ? Are certain section of music overpowering others or is there a good balance ? Are both sides of the earphones balanced when it comes to sound ?
  • Microphone Quality. Is your voice clear and easily heard by other people while on a call ? Does the microphone have any passive background noise cancellation ?
  • Build Quality and Design. How does the earphone look? Does it feel cheap? Does it have a premium look , sturdy build that can withstand drops? Are the earbuds durable? Is the cable long enough ? Is the cable durable enough to withstand wear/ tangle over time?
  • Connection. What type of connection does the earphone have? Does it come with the proper adapters for connecting it to other devices? Does it come with L-Jack ( 90 degree jack) to prevent wear/ tear while in pocket ?
  • Controls. What onboard controls does the earphone have? Are they easily accessible and identifiable? Are there a volume controls and microphone mute function?
  • Brand reliability and warranty are also important. We shy away from very new or unknown brands that have no customer support because if anything goes wrong, you have nobody to contact for assistance.

In addition to the above testing criteria, we also factored in price to find the best value for money rather than just going for the cheapest one.


  • MI TWS Calling the Mi TWS an Airpods clone might feel accurate but it’s actually far from it: the Mi has its own set of skills. For instance, the very familiar, minimalist design incorporates two speaker outlets to give you a more ‘3D’ experience. The 4hr playback + 14hr case battery times are pretty much on par with the competition. The sound profile is surprisingly balanced and the audio quality is good, except when it comes to calls – it can get really grainy sometimes. Also of note is bluetooth capability – signal strength is absolutely fine but the latency can get really high at lower battery percentages. Take a gander, it’s a pretty okay mention. Amazon | Flipkart
  • Oppo Enco W31 – Another great competitor for best tws earbuds under 5000 is the Oppo Enco that definitely kills in the looks department and backs it up with some good performance. The eartips are a little discomforting, but overall it fits pretty snugly in the ear. The touch function works well but the sensors are a little slow. The 3.5hr play time is underwhelming but is made up via the 12-15hr case charge time. The audio quality is very nice: nicely balanced across the spectrum but has a little something extra for bassheads too. The bluetooth connectivity suffers a bit of a blow, with latency being a little higher than the rest. With some really decent call quality, the Enco rounds out to be a nice budget product. . Amazon | Flipkart
  • Boat Airdopes 281 – The Airdopes 281 is a more daily-life oriented version of its sport cousin. The discreet, comfortable silicone buds along with easy-to-use touch controls really help in adding it to the best TWS in india category. While below par with a 3.5hr playback time, the 17hr case charge certainly helps in keeping the buds powered for the whole day. The audio is beautifully bass heavy, could have used a little treble, but the mids are okay. Call quality just isn’t as good, with the mic also being substandard. Bluetooth on the other hand is pretty seamless, and it manages to sneak in as a worthy mention. Amazon | Flipkart
  • Redmi Earbuds S – Among the smallest in this list, the Earbuds S really sticks to the ‘earbuds’ moniker. The design is very discreet and the buds are soft yet fit snugly. The touch controls take some getting used to but are fine after that. A battery life of 4hrs is more-or-less the standard but is let down a little by the 10-12hr case charge. The audio profile is somewhat balanced, and it manages to stay that way at higher volumes. Call quality is also pretty decent, but bluetooth connectivity needs improvement. While the latency is pretty low, the earbuds are prone to being frequently disconnected from your device. Otherwise, solid product. Amazon | Flipkart
  • Noise Shots X5 Pro – Now, this is a very interesting buy. The X5 Pro doesn’t have the most comfortable earbuds, true. The bluetooth connectivity is okay at best, and while the audio profile is quite balanced overall, the volume itself is okay-ish to decent. Then why is it on the list? The battery. You will notice that the case is monstrous because the case battery life is a whopping 130-142hrs!! That’s right, with a playback time of 8hrs, you can charge your buds 18 times on a single charge! In fact, you can even charge your phone with the case. Even as a novelty buy, the X5 Pro deserves to be on this list. Amazon | Flipkart
  • pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 The Bassbuds are the obvious budget offering, at 1000INR. Even at this low price point, however, it actually offers a lot. While the earbuds are not very comfortable, they do fit quite snugly. Both the playback time of 6hrs and case charge of 20hrs is above expectations, so kudos on that. The audio quality is okay, it is a typical basshead earbud but tends to get distorted at higher volumes. Bluetooth connectivity is hassle free but signal drops quite a bit beyond a short range. Call quality is actually not that bad, but the mic needs to be improved on. Adding up everything, it’s not bad when considered as a ‘budget’ budget buy. Amazon | Flipkart
  • CrossBeats Urban – A very polished product, the Urban certainly ticks all design boxes with a flawless in-ear model. While the silicone eartips are only available in one size, they’re still pretty comfy, while mastering the touch controls is a breeze. The IPX6 rating also provides an extra layer of security. A playback time 4hrs and case charge of 12hrs is under par, while the bluetooth connectivity is a little difficult at first. Apart from this, however, the Urban does provide a rare, treble-heavy audio profile that other competitors do not have. Plus, call quality is decent and the mic actually works well in quiet environments. So yeah, check it out!  Amazon | Flipkart


In addition to our own extensive review, we pay a lot of attention to negative reviews on Amazon/Flipkart because they help us tell the hidden story through hands-on experience from multiple users in daily usage situations. We identify the common concerns and and put them through our lens to judge if it is a deal breaker or not.

Are the earbuds waterproof?
You can go for OnePlus Buds or boAt Airdopes as they are water-resistant. Make sure to go through the features of the product before buying it.

Can the earbuds be connected to an iPhone?
Yes you can. You can connect it to any device that has bluetooth connectivity.

Can the earbuds be paired with a laptop?
Most laptops will have the bluetooth connectivity feature so you can pair these earbuds with them.

Can I access a voice assistant through these earbuds?
You can access the voice assistant through boAt Airdopes 441 with just a single touch.

Can I pair the earbuds with two devices at the same time?
No you cannot. That feature is not available in any of the listed products.

We hope we were able to help you make better shopping decisions in your search for TWS earbuds and we are confident that you will end up selecting one of our top picks as your next truly wireless earphones purchase.  We pay a lot of attention to your voice given that you are the center of our BetterShopping universe and would love to hear from you. Write to us –

Written by Gleeson Dsouza

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