The Best Body Weighing Scales to help you hit your goal

Because a weighing scale is your best friend to achieve your fitness and ideal weight goals

Best Body Weighing Digital Scale India
Best Body Weighing Digital Scale India

Getting on a weighing scale is a nerve wracking experience for many but if you want to lose weight then you must first get a weighing scale home to monitor yourself on a daily basis. Weight does fluctuate each day but it is better to know the range of fluctuation. You may choose any physical activity – yoga, swimming, walking and monitor your weight post that helps you understand which of those is working for you. The market today is flooded with digital weighing scales and we home come up those with the best features.


A weighing scale is a device that you must have in order to monitor your weight daily. The weighing scales available today are mostly digital. The LCD screen displays the weight. Some of these scales require you to tap on them first to get them to zero and then stand on them. Most of the battery operated ones come with a low battery indicator that will be displayed on the screen and you will have to change batteries when this happens. All of these devices automatically turn off after few seconds of inactivity.


NOTE: We have curated the above list to keep it short and make your choices easier. The prices considered are as of the time of writing and are subject to change by the e-commerce sites. Keep an eye out for sale from both Amazon and Flipkart to get even better deals.

1. HealthSense Body Scale

Best Body Weighing Scale India HealthSense
Best Overall

HealthSense has come up with this sleek body battery operated weighing scale. It has a squarish shape measuring 30 x 30 foot and the weighing capacity ranges between 5 Kg and 180 Kg. It comes with an LCD backlit screen that displays readings for 10 seconds. It can be used in the living room, bathroom, gyms and any other hard and even surface. The auto calibration feature ensures that you don’t have to tap on it and the calculation starts immediately. It comes with a one year warranty and is Amazon’s Choice in the ‘Weight Machine’ category.

What we Like
  • Light weight yet strong
  • LCD Backlit screen
  • Option to toggle between KGs and Pounds
What we don't like
  • Could be a little cheaper

2. Hoffen Weighing Scale

Best Body Weighing Scale India Hoffen
Tempered Glass Pick

This battery operated digital body weighing scale from Hoffen comes with a high precision sensor system for accurate weight. This comes with a strong tempered glass top. Its weighing capacity ranges from 2.3 Kgs to 180 Kgs. You can use it anywhere so long as the surface is flat and even. It has a low battery indicator. It also comes with an overweight indicator. It has a digital display panel with prominent readings. It comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. It is rightly Amazon’s Best Seller in the ‘Digital Bathroom Scales’ category.

What we Like
  • Accurate and sensitive. Can start from 2.3kgs
  • Overweight Indicator
What we don't like
  • Glass top requires care

3. HealthGenie Scale

Best Body Weighing Scale India HealthGenie
Reachargeable Pick

Healthgenie has come up with this sleek body weighing scale. It measures 300 mm x 300 mm and the weighing capacity ranges between 2 Kgs and 180 Kgs. The best feature of this product is that it is rechargeable and does not need batteries. It comes with a USB cord and can be easily charged with your adapter, powerbank or even your laptop. The LCD display shows weight and battery status. The auto off feature means that the machine will display weight and automatically shut off after 5-6 seconds. It comes with a one year warranty.

What we Like
  • Rechargeable with USB charging feature
  • Value for Money
What we don't like
  • Needs a little extra care

4. Omron Body Scale

Best Body Weighing Scale India Omron
Ultra Thin Pick

This digital body weighing scale from Omron is battery operated. It features a four sensor accuracy technology placed at four of its feet and therefore this scale will not work until placed on an even, flat surface. It is high precision and measures weight to the closest 100 grams. It comes with a tempered glass top and a trial battery. The scale will automatically turn off after 16 seconds of non usage. It measures 300 mm x 300 m and can weigh up to 180 kgs. It comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

What we Like
  • High Precision - Measures to closest 100 grams
  • Ultra thin design
What we don't like
  • Measures only in Kgs, not in pounds

5. Dr.Trust Digital Scale

Best Body Weighing Scale India Dr.Trust
Body Fat Analyzer

This machine from Dr.Trust not only measures weight but also tracks essential body metrics like BMI, bone mass, body fat, protein rate etc. You can connect it directly to your phone and monitor the details on the Dr.Trust Scale Connector App. It comes with a rechargeable USB port and the machine can be charged using an adapter. The top is made of single tempered glass making it lightweight. Like its counterpart from Omron this too comes with four precision sensors. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

What we Like
  • Body Fat Analyzer feature
  • Comes with a mobile app for tracking
  • 2 year warranty
What we don't like
  • Could be slightly cheaper

6. Omron Weighing Scale

Best Body Weighing Scale India Omron
Best Smart Features

Like its counterpart from Dr Trust this machine too comes with bluetooth connectivity and sync features to the phone. This enables you to monitor aspects such as skeletal muscle, body weight, BMI etc and lets you store the details to your phone. Its memory can store data of upto 4 people at a time. This machine is battery operated. This uses the tap function – you have to tap on the machine, let it display zero and then step on it to check your weight. It comes with an auto off feature and can measure upto 150 Kgs. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

What we Like
  • Can Monitor BMI, Body Fat and more by connecting to app
  • High Precision Sensors
What we don't like
  • Can measure only up to 150 Kgs. But shouldn't affect most Indians

7. Sansui Weighing Machine

Best Body Weighing Scale India Sansui
Battery Free Pick

This Digital Body Weighing Scale from Sansui is eco friend. It does not need you to change batteries thus making it hassle free. It generates power and gets activated with the push of a button. It can measure weight upto 180 Kgs. It has a button to toggle the measurement unit between Kgs and pounds. It is sleek looking and the glass has just a 5 mm thickness. It has four precision Sensors with its four feet. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

What we Like
  • No need for batteries or charging for life.
  • Precision weighing
What we don't like
  • Glass top so needs to be handled with care


To separate the better from the best, we spent hours researching and reviewing all available Body Weighing Digital Scales online with 4 star and above with significant number of reviews among the best sellers.  We compared their features and read hundreds of reviews on amazon, flipkart, from other reputed publications and from the verified buyers themselves to narrow our list down to the best Body Weighing Scales in India among the top ones worthy of your consideration.


In addition to our own extensive review, we pay a lot of attention to negative reviews and questions on Amazon/Flipkart because they help us tell the hidden story through hands-on experience from multiple users in daily usage situations. We identify the common concerns and and put them through our lens to judge if it is a deal breaker or not. Below are  some common threads that we found –

What is the minimum weight this scale can detect?

This will vary from product to product. For example, the Omron scale can measure weight as less as 100g while for Healthgenie it is 2kg.

Is the product chargeable?

No the scales are not chargeable. They generally run on batteries. But a couple of them support USB charging and Kinectic battery-free charging.

Does the product come with batteries?

Most of the products listed here will come with batteries. But please go through the features of the product for surety.

Does the scale have an auto off feature?

Many of the products listed here have an auto off feature and will turn off after 15-16 seconds. 

What is the maximum weight that can be weighed on this scale?

This varies from product to product. Most of the scales listed here have a maximum weighing capacity of 180kg.

We hope we were able to help you make better shopping decisions in your search for body weighing scales and we are confident that you will end up selecting one of our top picks as your next Body weighing digital scale purchase.  We pay a lot of attention to your voice given that you are the center of our BetterShopping universe and would love to hear from you. Write to us –

Written by Shalini Ganeshan

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